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November 22, 2009
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Amy rushed ahead as she made her way to class. Her brown wispy curls bouncing back across her pallid face annoyingly. She was late. She glanced at her watch.
Make that REALLY late. If she didn't turn in her paper today she would be practically failing the class and it REALLY didn't help that she was late and the teacher already hated her. Her jerk of a roommate, who had been arguing with her for the past week or so over… bedroom issues. Had turned off her alarm clock and thrown her clothes in the shower. The sweat shirt she had managed to spare because it had been thrown under the bed smelled like BO but it was better than nothing. She had stolen a pair of pants from the lost and found at her dorm, they itched and seemed to be a size to small but they would have to do.
She finally opened the door to her classroom. Hustling in, ducking to make herself seem more invisible in the crowd.
It didn't work…
"Miss. Parker? Nice of you to join us today. I don't suppose you have your essay? You're already…" He paused to glance at his watch. "Fifteen minutes late."
"Sorry, my roommate…"
"Never mind, just take a seat."
Why should she even bother talking to this guy? He never lets her finish anyway.   She handed in her paper only to realize one thing.
She is SO dead… she thought as she placed it on his desk.
Her roommate had scratched out lines of her paper and written "I HATE MR. SAMPSON" all over the page.
He looked up at her. What little of a smirk he already had was gone now and was now replaced by a disgusted look.
"I don't really feel the need to explain why I'm not accepting this paper… I'd say it's pretty self-explanatory."
"But my roommate…"
"Just sit down Miss. Parker."
She grudgingly took her seat. Lora was going to pay… One way or another she was going to get her back for this.
When class was finally over all Amy could think about was Lora. She had totally missed what Mr. Sampson was saying but it really didn't matter now. She was going to fail the class.
"Amy? Amy!" It took her a moment to realize that someone was calling her name. She quickly turned around to face James who nearly ran into her as he tried to catch up to her.
"Hello James." She said without enthusiasm.
"I noticed what happened in class today."
"Yeah, you and the other 99% of the class."
This didn't seem to faze him one bit.
"Well, anyway I copied some notes for you. Are you and Lora still going at it?"
"Yeah, I pretty much want to break her neck right about now."
"Why? I know you guys are fighting and all but her having sex in your bed really isn't justification for you to go off and kill her."
She was starting to get a little fed up with this…
"She made me late this morning, she threw my clothes in the shower and wrote "I hate Mr. Sampson" all over my paper."
He looked off to the left as if he could find some way to escape the conversation by staring his way through a brick wall.
He turned his head back towards her. His eyes were suddenly cold. It seemed odd to her, almost frightening but at the same time attractive. His desperate side seemed to have faded away. James had always been her friend, whether she was down or having the best day of her life, he was there for her. But for the first time she realized why.
"I could take care of her for you if you want…"
"At this point I'm taking all offers…"
He nodded his head and walked off without a word. Strange…
James knew what he was going to do but he wasn't completely sure if he wanted to share his plans with Amy. She might feel differently about him if she knew.
He headed over to Ethan's dorm room and rummaged through a few stacks of dirty dishes and dirty clothes piles until he finally found Ethan's keys. Ethan was Lora's boyfriend and he had an ugly habit of getting drunk over the weekends and passing out on the couch. This weekend he had accidentally walked in on him and Lora in the bathtub. He swore, those two were worse than rabbits…
At least that wouldn't last long.
"Sweet dreams Ethan. You drunken idiot…"
Lora was someone the world could deal without and soon enough would.
:iconteddybearcholla: this is for you. Sorry it took so long. :)(:
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teddybearcholla Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
It is odd, but I just came across this when I typed my nick in search. What was this for? :heart:
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You won my pageview contest quite a while ago and you told me you wanted me to write you something. :aww:
teddybearcholla Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
aaaahhhh, well thank you!!! Sorry I am late, but I didn't know that you had done it!!! :aww: :heart: Is there a Roommates part 2?
flipqingoutfan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, although I don't think I finished writing part 4. ^^; Here's 2 and 3: [link] [link]
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